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This site is designed to use the principles of my book "The Confident Investor - Learn How to Invest With Confidence in a Turbulent Market" to analyze companies. This site is not designed to give stock purchase guidance but only to illustrate the concepts that are discussed in the book.

Please read the full disclaimer prior to making any investment decisions.

My name is Sean O’Shaughnessey and I have been investing my own money for decades. I am not a money manager for an investment house or a banker. Instead, I am a mechanical engineering graduate that gravitated to sales early in my career. I was able to generate a very respectable income due to my skill in solving complicated problems. I wanted to use that income to increase my personal wealth. After voracious research, I made some disastrous investments that dropped in value considerably causing me to run to mutual funds for safety. When I was asked to manage the family farm, I learned about commodity investments and technical trading.

I was unimpressed with the poor results of my mutual funds and knew there was a better way. I analyzed the most successful companies to find a couple traits that only the best ones shared. I then combined my engineering problem-solving skills with technical trading analysis to decide when to buy into those companies. This propelled the creation of Decennary Time Weighted Average (DTWA) and Time Weighted Composite Average (TWCA) as well as the overall system of Grow on Other People’s Money (GOPM). This gave me the ability to be a Confident Investor.

I continue in my professional role helping companies solve their toughest business problems. I confidently invest in the best-run public companies using the techniques described in this book. I live in Ohio with my wife who was also my high school sweetheart. We are the parents of 3 terrific children.

Any stock information has been provided for free by IEX or Alphavantage.

Please read the disclaimer before using any information on this site.

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